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Choosing the right flooring for each room of your home will provide you with years of comfort and style, but it’s not necessarily and easy decision to make. While some customers will come to us with a design, colour or particular style already in mind, we are also experts in guiding people through the decision-making process. With extensive experience of fitting flooring in a wide range of residential settings, we know what it takes to make your vision a reality. We have helped many customers from Birmingham, Wolverhampton and across the West Midlands find their perfect flooring.

Read the Room

The flooring in your home obviously needs to be stylish, but it also needs to be comfortable underfoot, durable, and suitable for the room or area in question. Carpet fitted on your stairs, for example, may need to be more hard-wearing and slip-resistant than that fitted in your living room as it will typically endure more foot traffic.

We have a range of flooring options for you to choose from for your home in Birmingham and Wolverhampton. We can guide you as to which options may be most suitable for your needs, bearing in mind your budget, personal taste, and the room the flooring is to cover.

  • The Lounge – in today’s world, the lounge is a multifunctional room. It’s a place to relax in the evening, somewhere to entertain visitors, and an area where you and your loved ones can gather for family time. Its flooring choice should reflect your lifestyle , so whether that means soft luxurious carpet or stylish modern LVT, we can advise you from start to finish.
  • Hall, Stairs and Landing – a stylish, modern look in your hall creates a real wow factor for visitors. Whether you choose carpet, LVT, or a combination of both, you can create a floor unique to you that will keep making a great first impression for years to come.
  • The Kitchen – kitchens have become one of the most important spaces in the home. It’s a place to have family time, entertain, and work from home. The flooring must be practical and durable, but don’t forget about style. As always, talk to us about your preferences and we’ll be sure to point you in the right direction!
  • The Bathroom – the choices are endless. Cushion floor vinyl or LVT would bring a stylish, practical solution, but you may need to prioritise something with better non-slip properties such as a safety vinyl.
  • The Bedroom – a place of relaxation and sleep, and therefore one of the most important rooms to get right. Whether you crave a soft, luxurious carpet or something completely different we can offer suggestions as to how to make the most of your design.

Stansbie Flooring

We will always listen carefully to what you want from your flooring. Is comfort a priority, or ease of maintenance? Where will the flooring be installed? Do you have a particular colour scheme or style in mind or do you need some inspiration or advice?

Our customer service has always set us apart from our competitors, in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and across the West Midlands. Our phone lines are always open, and you can always drop into our showroom to come and see our flooring solutions for yourself.

Once we understand exactly what you want to achieve, we can show you all options available within your budget and help you to choose the flooring that will not only look and feel great but will also be as durable as possible. Our team of flooring professionals have many years of experience in supplying and fitting residential flooring and can help you to make the perfect flooring choice for your home.

To enquire about our residential flooring options, or to arrange a free quote, please call us today on 07432 153015 and we will be glad to help.

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